Focus Meditation for Peace

Focus Meditation for Peace

Invitation to a focus/meditate on peace together

6th April 2023

8pm GMT/9pm CET/10pm EET/ 11pm GMT+3

We invite people from many traditions and cultures in Europe and around the world to meditate peace together.

DATE   : 6 April 2023
TIME    :  8 pm GMT
PLACE :  From your home or in your nature and in your natural way. 

This is a distance meditation in the presence of your own stillness, in focus, silence and/or in meditation together with the rest of the world (no personal or zoom guidance).

Dear friends, let us use this wonderful tool of meditation, together creating a field to support peace and trust to take place in the world in the year of 2023 

MEDITATION  (If you want guidance you can follow this text))

  • Invite the light of peace and trust in yourself


  • Invite the light of peace in your village/country. 
  • Invite the light of peace and trust between Russia and Ukraine and other countries and groups all over the world. 
  • And then invite the light for peace and the deep caring for all life on the planet. 
We know – and science knows – that the electromagnetic waves that our heart and mind emit have an effect on the world.   We know – and science knows – that when millions of people direct this energy by meditating on a common goal, it has an effect.

The Council of European Grandmothers:

Next Council Meeting – Madrid April 2023

Next Council Meeting – Madrid April 2023

We meet every nine months in one of the member countries to support and expand the vision and mission of the Council. Welcome to join us in our mission!
The next coming event: Council Meeting in Spain, Madrid; Miraflores de la Sierra 21st – 23rd April 2023.
Host for the Council Meeting in Spain: Grandmother Tina Lindhard & Isabel Manini


Welcome! Message from Grandmother Tina Lindhard and Grandmother Isabel Manani:
Celebrating the 7th Council Meeting

Celebrating the 7th Council Meeting

The 2022 council meeting in Sweden was a wonderful event! We gathered together, kept our traditions and at the same time added some new approaches that will allow the council meetings to expand.

Our new donation platform is developing and we look forward to raising €2000 for our next council meeting. So shall it be.