2nd Council Meeting


Council of European Grandmothers – Summary Report on Second Council Meeting held 15th – 18th September 2016 at Hof Rose, Altenmedingen, Germany

Thursday, 15th September 2016

We began by sitting in a circle and sharing where we are at, now after a year.
We were aware that the most important aspect of our 2nd. Meeting was communication
amongst ourselves, so quite a bit of time was spend in relaxed chatting and ceremony
(energetic communication).

Friday, 16th September 2016

For our first big ceremony Inaqiawa led a Welcoming Ritual outdoors, where we stood
in a circle around Earth, Water and Fire and each Grandmother expressed her gratitude,
longing and blessings. We welcomed water, soil and fire from our individual home
countries. Each Grandmother was welcomed in the circle by one of the grandmothers.
Those who were unable to attend were included at least by name.

In the afternoon Helga Langer led a Workshop “Leading to our Intention. We worked
hard on the formulation of our Intent. We took time to meditate, sitting in silence
turning inwards, waiting for our inner wisdom to become known. Each one present
then had time to express their thoughts. We collected “buzzwords” and “ideas which
were discussed in depth. It was agreed to “sleep on it” and review the situation the
following day.

In the evening, we shared a wonderful and powerful Workshop on “Building Community
with Helga’s voice/choir/ bodywork teacher, Imke McMurtie. We enjoyed relaxation
exercises, touched each other’s bodies, connected and communicated – eventually
beautiful through three songs.

Saturday, 17th September 2016.

We had an Open session to which the people of the communities around the area had
been invited, and also the local press. Helga had prepared the ground, having been
very active in publicising the event via a newspaper article, a radio interview and sessions
with children in two schools

There was a very proactive well-prepared journalist, who asked important questions.
It was clear to everyone that this type of session is very important, both for the public
and for us. It confirmed for us how much we, as “grandmothers”, are needed; how
important the work is that we have set out to do.

There were many very emotional moments. Much gratitude was expressed by those
present and special links for the future were made! It became clear to us, that opening
the circle to the world is necessary and should proceed; but slowly, in stages. This was
a beautiful start of this process!

In the afternoon, our effort was directed towards the future of the circle. There was no
doubt we want to continue as a Council. Having finalised the a draft of our “Intent”
(See Appendix 1), we moved on to discuss how long would be required for the gestation
and birthing of the next meeting. Following a voting process, we decided it should be
9 month.

Everyone was delighted when Vibeke our grandmother sister from Norway invited us
to Trondheim, Norway. A date was chosen: 22nd – 25th June 2017.
Publicity and finances were then discussed. It was noted that we need a website, it
costs money! Irene, our grandmother sister from Switzerland very generously offered
to pay for the creation of a website, to honour a legacy of her parents. Honouring the
ancestors was a theme that cropped up again and again.

In the evening Monika Abendroth gathered us around a sacred fire, outdoors and we
expressed our gratitude and asked for blessings of the power of Transformation… Monika
accompanied us on harp and created Divine sounds.



Sunday, 18th September 2016 We had a voluntary open session with Guests presented by Helga at her home. The Theme was “The Importance of the Grandmothers in Family and Community Life.” Comment from Swami Nitya. Many people expressed how this second meeting differed from the first. It resembled a family meeting; – getting together with people we had shared/lived with over time. There was a great feeling of familiarity with each other. We did achieve our aim of becoming closer. We are knitted together closer. We have become a true Council of Sisters, and that includes those who were there, “only” in their subtle body! With confidence we continue. Swami Nitya / MaryAnne Gosling 1st November 2016 Appendix 1 First Draft Intent of the Council of European Grandmothers We come together in the shared understanding of the Oneness from which allcreation stems. We are aware that we live in a world that needs the life affirming values of Compassion and Love re-awakened We intend to re-discover and retrieve the timeless wisdom that resides deep in each of us and to share this wisdom with our world, especially with the next generations Our aim is to contribute to revive the awareness of the deep relationship with Nature

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