We Love Life

We are Elder Women who have decided to form a Council of nurturing power, natural wisdom and willingness to do our part to support, achieve and maintain a healthy living environment – in our time, for the children, grandchildren and future generations.

From our perspective, everyone deep inside has access to her/his natural wisdom that knows what to do in every breath, to support the living system on Earth. Our intentional vision is to support that capacity and encourage people to perceive and use their wisdom.  


Every nine months we meet in one of our European countries. At each meeting we focus on a special topic and also spotlight local projects related to this. Together with guests and visitors we share, inspire and strengthen a field of peace and acceptance where inner wisdom arises. This supports the living system where we all belong. 

We call ourselves The Council of European Grandmothers.




From our perspective, in the contemporary world the deep meaning of life is all too often replaced by technical and economic myths of “progress at all costs”. These myths are leading to actions which are destroying, not only our relationships, but the Earth whose very existence we share and depend upon.

Many people, young and old, are feeling the urge to find and restore balance for themselves and the next generations.

Since 2004, thirteen indigenous grandmothers from all over the world had been working on an international level to maintain their traditional wisdom (which is based on respect for the Earth that supports all life, along with accepting response ability to preserve it for future generations). They exchanged their wisdom among each other in their countries of origin.

Some of our current members were guests in their meetings and recognized that Europe was not represented.

This led to them following their intuition and invite women from several countries in Europe to a meeting in 2015 in Merano in the South Tyrolean Alps. There they created a platform which is now known as The Council of European Grandmothers.



Two Guests of Honour were invited to speak at that Initial Meeting. They were Grandmother Agnes Baker Pilgrim, the eldest member of the Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers, and her daughter Nadine. They gave us their blessing and recommended that we follow our Hearts and “do what you feel you should do”.

Since then the European Grandmothers meet every nine months in one of the member countries to support and expand the vision of our Council. 

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