8th Council Meeting Spain April 2023

Official report

Council of European Grandmothers

Council Meeting in Spain – Christalera de Miraflores, Madrid 

April 19-21 2023

Present: Grandmothers: Aldona, Bette, Elisabeth, Erika, Irene, Isabel, MaryAnne, Monika, Pascal, Sabina, Swami Nitya, Tina, Toni, Wenche,

Absent: Grandmothers:Beate, Daiva, Helga, Madeleine, Mary, Sofia, Soizig

The Council of European Grandmothers

Wednesday, 19th Thursday, 20th April 2023 Wednesday, 19th Thursday, 20th April 2023

The grandmothers met for two days on their own, focusing on the theme of Death and its various facets; Connections to the traditions of the various European countries; Approaches and the personal views of each Grandmother on the subject. Together they approached and examined Death – where everything stands still. There was a diversity of understandings based on each Grandmother’s personal experience and the traditions of her country. 

The programme of their days together also covered items for dialogue about our common present situation, and the steps into the future of the Council in a time of upheaval for the world and Europe. There were also practical items regarding the organization of the Council. The grandmothers each reflected and shared their positions.

A decision was taken to invite Sophia Clemenceau from France to come next year as a guest to visit and participate in the group.  This follows the agreed method of expanding the membership of the Council of European Grandmothers.

MaryAnne and Erika

Christalera de Miraflores – Madrid

Public Events

Friday, 21st April 2023

A small gathering opening Ceremony took place. Grandmother Wenche from Denmark gave a Talk on Astrology, with particular emphasis on the role that the Planet Pluto, with his transformative power, is playing in all our lives at the present time.   Her paper on “The Approach to the Stars”  can be accessed in downloadable pdf as the end of this report.

Zuzka Cortes expressed her  deeply touching encounter with death in Flamenco Dancing.

Alexandria Oleinika and Alexia Wulfer-Buldenka read some of their poems.  We got the emphasis but not the wordly content, for the reading was done in Spanish.

The official Opening Ceremony took place in the Miraflores Theatre in the evening. Grandmother Swami Nitya began on the stage by calling in the five elemental energies.

Grandmother Sabina performed the Dance of Death.

The Grandmothers individually introduced themselves to the audience.

Grandmother Tina gave a talk on the Spirituality of the Palaeolithic Woman and its repercussion in our days.

Fiona Issler elaborated on this using ancient and modern Art Sculptures.

Saturday, 22nd April 2023

Following Meditation with Exercises, after breakfast the Grandmothers and guests went in procession to a field by the river, where Grandmother Monika led a Water Ceremony where the council members contributed waters brought from their countries – a water gathering ritual. Which was then presented to the River for circulation for the good of the Earth.

Grandmothers Swami Nitya, Tina, and Isabel offered their Reflections on this year’s topic: Death. (More details available in a downloadable pdf at the end of this report).

One of the visitors from America, shared her personal experience of what is called a Near-Death Experience.

After lunch and time for conviviality, We listened to a Viola de Gamba Concert Recital by Pere Ros.

This was followed by three round Table dialogs where questions were put into the dialog from

  • Swami Nitya, concerning the transformation by death
  • Tina, concerning Transhumanism
  • Isabel, concerning practical issues of death

After dinner; there was singing, dancing, and sharing around an Outdoor Fire.

Sunday, 23rd April 2023

After breakfast following Meditation with Exercises, there was a Silent Walk through the mountains, honouring Mother Earth.

Afterwards, Grandmother MaryAnne spoke about the Importance of Food for Life – Body, Mind and Soul.  More details available in a downloadable pdf at the end of this report).

Grandmother Pascal led a Butterfly Meditation. More details available in a downloadable pdf at the end of this report.

Lola Roma presented information on the Sweet Revolution. More details available in a downloadable pdf at the end of this report.

This was followed by a Closing Ceremony 



ATTACHED FILE pdf: 5 Speech and Meditations from the Council Meeting in Spain.

ATTACHED FILE: Tina Lindhard article – Modern-Day Globalization:

ATTACHED FILE pdf: Tina Lindhard article – Paleolithic Women’s Spirituality and its Relevance to us Today