Focus Meditation for Peace

Focus Meditation for Peace

Invitation to a focus/meditate on peace together

7th of August 2023

8pm GMT/9pm CET/10pm EET/ 11pm GMT+3

We invite people from many traditions and cultures in Europe and around the world to meditate peace together.


DATE   : 7th August 2023
TIME    :  8 pm GMT
PLACE :  From your home or in your nature and in your natural way.

 This is a distance meditation in the presence of your own stillness, in focus, silence and/or in meditation together with the rest of the world (no personal or zoom guidance).


Dear friends, let us use this wonderful tool of meditation, together creating a field to support peace and trust to take place in the world in the year of 2023

MEDITATION  (If you want guidance you can follow this text))

    • Invite the light of peace and trust in yourself


    • Invite the light of peace in your village/country.

    • Invite the light of peace and trust between Russia and Ukraine and other countries and groups all over the world.

    • And then invite the light for peace and the deep caring for all life on the planet.

We know – and science knows – that the electromagnetic waves that our heart and mind emit have an effect on the world.    We know – and science knows – that when millions of people direct this energy by meditating on a common goal, it has an effect.


The Council of European Grandmothers: