Next Council Meeting will be in Poland

Next Council Meeting will be in Poland

The 10th Council Meeting

September 28-29th 2024


Topic: Sisterhood


We welcome you to share 2 days of mutual support and inspiration with women and men from Poland and other Europeans whose heart beats for a world in balance worth living for our children, grandchildren and future generations. The meeting is held in cooperation with the “School of Gestalt Psychotherapy” – Lodz/ Warsaw

“How can we strengthen the female qualities that society so urgently needs to increase peace and to improve the climate – in terms of social life and in terms of the planet we all share?”

Program, locations and details will come soon and will be announced on our website
Questions: Contact Agata or Monika in Poland:
The Conference will be in English and translated to Polish.

Greatings from
The Council of European Grandmothers & Gestalt Institute Lodz

9th Council Meeting – Wildhaus/ Switzerland- Feb 2024

9th Council Meeting – Wildhaus/ Switzerland- Feb 2024

Hosts: Grandmother Elisabeth Wille and Irene Keller Gubler. Delegates from Switzerland in the Council of European Grandmothers

Official report and Summary of the Council Meeting 

Date: 1 – 5 February 2024. 
Topic: LIGHT
Present: Grandmothers: Aldona, Bette, Elisabeth, Erika, Irene, Madeleine, MaryAnne, Monika, Isabel, Wenche

Absent: Grandmothers: Beate, Helga, Pascale, Sabina, Swami Nitya, Toni
In Attendance: Sophia Clemenceau. 
Place: Wildhausen  
Accommodation/Lunch/Dinner: at B&B Schönenboden
Photos: Down below – after the text report – Photographer on most posts: ARIANE ELSHOF

Internal Council Meeting February 1-4

1st evening – Thursday February 1, 2024
Irene welcomed us with the sound of the Alphorn to our meeting room. Elisabeth and
Irene introduced the location, the program for these few days and a presentation on
the topic LIGHT.  Then a welcome and opening Ceremony.

Friday February 2, 2024
Council organization; internal work day
MaryAnne introduced us to the Celtic light celebration of Imbolc which is celebrated
in Ireland and in other countries on the 1 st February each year.
Wenche presented the birth horoscope of the European Council.

Some of the visitors were with us when we had the pleasure to meet Sonja
Morgenegg, professional Singer and Yodeller. She gave a small workshop to teach
the techniques and the old communication traditions of Swiss Yodelling and taught
us a yodel to the Sunrise. 

We took a Cable Car to Gamplüt for a reflection and walk in the mountains. 

Council organisation internal work continued.
Dialog, meditation and a circle on the reflection on the topic – LIGHT :

  1. Where has your light led you for this incarnation?
  2. What quality do you embody with your light?
  3. What are you using your light for now?
    Sophia gave a meditation journey and briefly presented the teachings of the Council of Elders of the 13 Moons.

Saturday February 3, 2024
Council internal organization development day
Erika and Madeleine hosted practices for the Council’s step into the next now. They
also held a circle dialogue about practical and organization matters and a dialog about the report from the Council Meetings 1-8 that Toni had prepared for the 9th Council.

Isabel Livingston gave a short conference on permaculture for the Council.
Eliot L Wilson and Brit gave a short introduction about his passive habitat project- Living and housing system. 

Internal Council Meeting continued
Aldona gave a meditation with a short body and focus preparation.
Council internal organization developing day continued with Erika and Madeleine
leading practices for the Councils next step. 
Process to find our next step into the “next now”: 
We decided to go in a new direction for the next council meeting. It was agreed to
Go East and organize a council in a new country. A council working group was
formed to prepare the location, flow and format for the next council meeting in
September 2024. The 2025 council meeting is planned for Ireland in 2025. Denmark
and Belgium are also in the dialog for next coming Council Meetings.
Circle dialog; practical and organization matters.
Closing the Council internal meeting

Saturday February 3, 2024, evening 

Official activity

Fire ceremony.
By the lake Schönenbodensee and at the foot of the Alpsstein we held a peace fire.
People from different areas in Switzerland arrived in the evening and participated.
The fire was set up by Dieter. The ceremony was guided by Monika and Elisabeth. It
was a beautiful, strong, hopeful and warm ceremony under the stars. 

Sunday February 4, 2024

Official Day

Open day with lectures and exchange 9 am -17 pm
Premises/local:  The Municipal hall of Wildhaus: Chuchitobel Opening ceremony 
The Grandmothers made a Circle and sang their song; “There is no time but now” as
an opening ceremony.
Elisabeth Wille welcomed everyone and introduced the programme for the day and
the European Council of Grandmothers. Each grandmother introduced herself briefly and spoke about one of the Council meetings and the theme addressed, year by year since its creation. 

After the introduction there were lectures on:
“Being born into the Light. Loss of twins – personal experience from the prenatal period”; Elisabeth Wille
The importance of the first 1000 days of life from the prenatal period. Potential of us
grandparents during this time; Irene Keller Gubler.

“Why love is stronger than violence”; Christa Dregger

Away from world events, even in crisis areas, communities and villages of the future
are emerging And living a reality of peace that is (still) a utopia globally. Christa
showed us the healing effect of the ‘peace research community of Tamera’ and the
alliance ‘Defend the Sacred’ with their non-violent and spiritually holistic life models.
A new culture is becoming visible here.


Lunch: Together public and Grandmothers mingled and enjoyed lunch
in restaurant “Alpstein”

President of the organisation Klima Seniorinnen Rosmarie Wydler–Wälti presented
“Why we need the Klima Seniorinnen”.
The association KlimaSeniorinnen Schweiz with over 2,500 members aged 65+, who
is suing the federal government in Switzerland because female seniors are
particularly affected by global warming. The lawsuit was rejected by all instances in
Switzerland. They have now submitted a lawsuit to the European Court of Justice
For Human Rights in Strassburg.


“Two Nordic Stories relating to the Light”- Norrsken, Aurora Borealis
Due to the hurricane in northern Norway Beate Heide, Sami delegate could not
travel to Switzerland. Wenche Nordberg from Denmark/Norway gave the Story of
Northern Lights in North Scandinavia. Where the sky sometimes turns into
blue/green flames dancing on the floor of the sky and what one of the many stories
says about this wondrous light.

Eliot L Wilson told us about his passive habitat project: Futur – Living and housing
systems that strive to make a life in harmony with the Earth

Dialog with The European Grandmothers together with the Public/Visitors/Guest/Lectures – The
living climate and how to expand light in our time.

-What we can all do to support development in the world. Questions
and dialog about The Council’s work. The Council of Grandmothers intentional
vision. How each of us and all people together can help peace find a place on earth
and in life. About the Grandmothers’ work together with young people in different
countries. Why it’s not only important to the Council what we do, but also so
important to us how we do things. This means also that efforts at a private and local
level change at a global level and vice versa. Question and answers about what
people contribute to provide space and support for The Council of European
Grandmothers’ work in Europe.
There was a lot of dialog and flow during the days about going east to Poland as a
next step. One of the visitors also inspired the Council to go to Poland and offered
connections there for the Council 2024. 

The Hosts for the Official part of the conference in the City Hall – Grandmother
Elisabeth and Irene – thanked the audience for participating. We closed with the
Circle all together “there is no time but now”. 

Internal Closing meeting back at B&B Schönenboden
Closing Council Meeting Switzerland February 2024

Sophia – delegate from France – becomes a new member of the Council. Then we
made a summary of the days in Switzerland 2024. The Hosts, Irene and Elisabeth,
thanked all for the Council Meeting days and we all thanked them for the great days
in the beautiful nature of Wildhaus and the Swiss Alps. Closing Ceremony.
We also want to give a big thank you to the municipality of Wildhaus, who received
us and supported our council meeting in Switzerland.

A big thank you…

…to Priska Wenk and her team in B&B Schönenboden and the
fantastic hospitality, service and food during our stay and also to Tina Lackstätter the
Chef in the kitchen some of the days. Many thanks to Eliot and Cornelia for their
translation work. To Eva for her helping during the whole time, and to Ariane for the
photos. Many thanks also to everyone who helped in various ways and thanks for all
the support of donations in various ways to support the Council meeting in
Switzerland and the European Grandmothers work through the gifts. And thank you to all the visitors, guests and lectures.

/The Council of European Grandmothers


Christa Dregger Journalist at “Zeitpunkt article about the organisation and the Council Meeting in Schweiz 
 “…I found something very valuable in this
group: a deep kindness combined with a lot of competence! How often does
competition and the pressure to gain recognition dominate in political circles! Not
here. Patience and caring are important qualities of the European Grandmothers.
But that alone would not do them justice: clarity, foresight and willpower are also part
of it, as I discovered.

The hours in this group made it clear to me once again why some anthropologists
say that only the presence of women after childbearing age made cultural
development possible: only if there are women who are not directly concerned with
their offspring, but rather with their care and with the focus on the whole tribe or
community can a culture look beyond immediate needs. They meet every nine
The ninth meeting was organized by the two Swiss delegates – Elisabeth Wille and
Irene Keller Gubler – and took place from 1 to 5 February in Wildhaus. As February
2 is a holiday dedicated to the rebirth of light in different cultures (“Imbolc”, “Light
Fair”), the theme this time was “Light…”. 

Read the whole article here in German:
den-rat-der-europaeischen-grossmuetter . (More articles and films about
the Council and the next Council Meeting you can find

Read the whole article here in German: . (More articles and films about the Council and the next Council Meeting you can find here:

Picture Gallery: Photographer ARIANE ELSHOF

11 of the 17 delegates in the Council of European Grandmothers – Photographer ARIANE ELSHOF

Fire Keeper – Grandmother Elisabeth & Monika
Photographer ARIANE ELSHOF
Photographer ARIANE ELSHOF
Photographer ARIANE ELSHOF
Irish delegate – Grandmother Maryanne Gosling
Ariane – Isabel – Brit
Eliot L Wilson
Photographer ARIANE ELSHOF
9th Meeting Program in English

9th Meeting Program in English

Swiss Council Meeting 2023

EUGM Programme 3. and 4. Feb 24 Wildhaus

9th meeting of the Council of European Grandmothers in Wildhaus on the topic of “Light”

The first days of February have been special days since time immemorial: the daylight is clearly perceptible, the hours of sunshine are increasing. Life in nature is slowly waking up, winter will soon be over.
In the Celtic tradition this time is called Imbolc when they Celebrate the Return of Brigid, the Goddess of Light. The Christian culture knows these days as Candlemas – candles are blessed that will accompany you through the year.

After our internal work on the “Light” from February 1st to 3rd we open the circle to everyone, women and men, young and old!
Translation is provided.


Meeting point: Cost: Registration:



3 February 24: Peace Fire

8 p.m. to approx. 9 p.m.
parking lot at Schönenbodensee, 9658 Wildhaus; from there it’s a short walk
requested before January 15th
by mail or website

4 February 24:

09.15 to 09.45 09.45 to 10.30

10.30 to 10.45 10.45 to 12.00

12.30 to 13.45 14.00 to 15.15

15.15 to 15.30 15.30 to 16.15 16.15 to 17.15

Lectures and exchange

Welcome and introduction of the Council of European Grandmothers

“Being born into the Light”; Elisabeth Wille, Irene Keller Gubler The importance of the first 1000 days of a person’s life
Loss of twins – personal experience from the prenatal period
Potential of us grandparents during this time

“Why love is stronger than violence”; Christa Dregger

Away from world events, even in crisis areas, communities and villages of the future are emerging And living a reality of peace that is (still) a utopia globally. Christa will show us the healing effect Of the ‘peace research community of Tamera’ and the alliance ‘Defend the Sacred’ with their non- Violent and spiritually holistic life models. A new culture is becoming visible here.

Questions and exchange

Dinner together in the nearby restaurant “Alpstein”
Costs: 27 CHF (salad buffet, spaghetti or rice with various sauces, coffee / tea)

“Why we need the KlimaSeniorinnen”; Rosmarie Wydler
The association KlimaSeniorinnen Schweiz with over 2500 members is suing the federal Government because the Seniors are particularly affected by global warming. Our complaint was Rejected by all instances in Switzerland. That’s why we went to the European Court of Justice For Human Rights. Their verdict will have repercussions for the whole of Europe.
Questions and exchange

“Two Nordic Stories relating to the Light”; Beate Heide, Sami

Questions, exchange and conclusion

How to get there: by post bus: “Wildhaus Dorf” stop, from there it’s a 5-minute walk

by car: large parking lot «Chuchitobel» Costs: voluntary collection

Registration: absolutely necessary for organizational reasons before January 15th
by mail or website

9th Meeting Program in English

9th Meeting PROGRAMME in German

EUGM Tagesprogramm Wildhaus KLEIN

9. Treffen des Rates der Europäischen Grossmütter in Wildhaus zum Thema «Licht»

Die ersten Tage im Februar sind seit Urzeiten besondere Tage: das Tageslicht nimmt deutlich wahrnehmbar zu, die Sonnenstunden werden mehr. Das Leben in der Natur wacht langsam auf, der Winter ist bald vorbei.
In der keltischen Tradition wird diese Zeit Imbolc genannt: da wird die Rückkehr von Brigid, der Göttin des Lichtes, gefeiert. Die christliche Kultur kennt diese Tage als Lichtmess – Kerzen werden gesegnet, die einem durchs Jahr begleiten werden.

Nach unserer internen Arbeit vom 1. bis 3. Februar zum „Licht“ öffnen wir den Kreis für alle, Frauen und Männer, jung und alt!
Für Übersetzung ist gesorgt.


3. Februar 24: Friedensfeuer

20 Uhr bis ca. 21 Uhr
Parkplatz beim Schönenbodensee, 9658 Wildhaus; von dort aus kurzer Weg zu Fuss keine

Anmeldung: erwünscht bis 15. Januar 24

per Mail oder Website



4. Februar 24:

09.15 bis 09.45 09.45 bis 10.30

10.30 bis 10.45 10.45 bis 12.00

12.30 bis 13.45 14.00 bis 15.15

15.15 bis 15.30 15.30 bis 16.15 16.15 bis 17.15

Vorträge und Austausch

Begrüssung und Vorstellen des Councils of European Grandmothers

«Das Licht der Welt erblicken»; Elisabeth Wille, Irene Keller Gubler Die Wichtigkeit der ersten 1000 Tage im Leben eines Menschen
Zwillingsverlust – persönliche Erfahrung aus der pränatalen Zeit
Potential von uns Grosseltern in dieser Zeit

«Warum Liebe stärker ist als Gewalt»; Christa Dregger

Abseits vom Weltgeschehen, auch in Krisengebieten, entstehen Gemeinschaften und Zukunftsdörfer und leben eine Realität des Friedens, die global (noch) eine Utopie ist. Wie und warum diese «Heilungsbiotope» eine heilende Wirkung haben werden, möchte Christa anhand der Friedensforschungs-Gemeinschaft Tamera und der Allianz ‘Defend the Sacred’ beleuchten: mit gewaltfreien und spirituell-ganzheitlichen Lebensmodellen wird hier eine neue Kultur sichtbar.

Fragen und Austausch

gemeinsames Essen im nahegelegenen Restaurant «Alpstein» Kosten: 27 Fr (Salatbuffet, Spaghetti oder Reis mit div. Saucen, Kafi / Tee)

“Warum es die KlimaSeniorinnen braucht”; Rosmarie Wydler
Der Verein KlimaSeniorinnen Schweiz mit über 2500 Mitgliedern klagt gegen den Bund, weil die Seniorinnen von der Klimaerwärmung besonders stark betroffen sind. Unsere Beschwerde wurde von allen Instanzen in der Schweiz abgewiesen. Deshalb gelangten wir an den Europäischen Gerichtshof für Menschenrechte. Dieses Urteil wird für ganz Europa Auswirkungen haben.
Fragen und Austausch

«Zwei nordische Geschichten zum Licht»; Beate Heide, Sami

Fragen, Austausch und Abschluss

Ort: Anreise:

Mehrzweckhalle «Chuchitobel», 9658 Wildhaus
mit Postauto: Haltestelle «Wildhaus Dorf», von dort 5 Minuten zu Fuss mit Auto: grosser Parkplatz «Chuchitobel»
freiwillige Kollekte

Anmeldung: unbedingt erforderlich aus organisatorischen Gründen bis 15. Januar 24!

per Mail oder Website

ARTICLES 2015-2023

ARTICLES 2015-2023

Schweiz 2024

Spain 2023

Sweden 2022–i-sodertalje

Eckanförde 2021

Island 2019

Lituania 2019

3.55 min in the News program INIT TV:

Italy 2018

Norway 2017

Germany 2016

Italy 2015



Journalist Luis-de-Miguel talk with Grandmother Isabell and Tina, Spain;

At the 8th Council meeting. Spain 2023

8th Council Meeting Spain April 2023

8th Council Meeting Spain April 2023

Official report

Council of European Grandmothers

Council Meeting in Spain – Christalera de Miraflores, Madrid 

April 19-21 2023

Present: Grandmothers: Aldona, Bette, Elisabeth, Erika, Irene, Isabel, MaryAnne, Monika, Pascal, Sabina, Swami Nitya, Tina, Toni, Wenche,

Absent: Grandmothers:Beate, Daiva, Helga, Madeleine, Mary, Sofia, Soizig

The Council of European Grandmothers

Wednesday, 19th Thursday, 20th April 2023 Wednesday, 19th Thursday, 20th April 2023

The grandmothers met for two days on their own, focusing on the theme of Death and its various facets; Connections to the traditions of the various European countries; Approaches and the personal views of each Grandmother on the subject. Together they approached and examined Death – where everything stands still. There was a diversity of understandings based on each Grandmother’s personal experience and the traditions of her country. 

The programme of their days together also covered items for dialogue about our common present situation, and the steps into the future of the Council in a time of upheaval for the world and Europe. There were also practical items regarding the organization of the Council. The grandmothers each reflected and shared their positions.

A decision was taken to invite Sophia Clemenceau from France to come next year as a guest to visit and participate in the group.  This follows the agreed method of expanding the membership of the Council of European Grandmothers.

MaryAnne and Erika

Christalera de Miraflores – Madrid

Public Events

Friday, 21st April 2023

A small gathering opening Ceremony took place. Grandmother Wenche from Denmark gave a Talk on Astrology, with particular emphasis on the role that the Planet Pluto, with his transformative power, is playing in all our lives at the present time.   Her paper on “The Approach to the Stars”  can be accessed in downloadable pdf as the end of this report.

Zuzka Cortes expressed her  deeply touching encounter with death in Flamenco Dancing.

Alexandria Oleinika and Alexia Wulfer-Buldenka read some of their poems.  We got the emphasis but not the wordly content, for the reading was done in Spanish.

The official Opening Ceremony took place in the Miraflores Theatre in the evening. Grandmother Swami Nitya began on the stage by calling in the five elemental energies.

Grandmother Sabina performed the Dance of Death.

The Grandmothers individually introduced themselves to the audience.

Grandmother Tina gave a talk on the Spirituality of the Palaeolithic Woman and its repercussion in our days.

Fiona Issler elaborated on this using ancient and modern Art Sculptures.

Saturday, 22nd April 2023

Following Meditation with Exercises, after breakfast the Grandmothers and guests went in procession to a field by the river, where Grandmother Monika led a Water Ceremony where the council members contributed waters brought from their countries – a water gathering ritual. Which was then presented to the River for circulation for the good of the Earth.

Grandmothers Swami Nitya, Tina, and Isabel offered their Reflections on this year’s topic: Death. (More details available in a downloadable pdf at the end of this report).

One of the visitors from America, shared her personal experience of what is called a Near-Death Experience.

After lunch and time for conviviality, We listened to a Viola de Gamba Concert Recital by Pere Ros.

This was followed by three round Table dialogs where questions were put into the dialog from

  • Swami Nitya, concerning the transformation by death
  • Tina, concerning Transhumanism
  • Isabel, concerning practical issues of death

After dinner; there was singing, dancing, and sharing around an Outdoor Fire.

Sunday, 23rd April 2023

After breakfast following Meditation with Exercises, there was a Silent Walk through the mountains, honouring Mother Earth.

Afterwards, Grandmother MaryAnne spoke about the Importance of Food for Life – Body, Mind and Soul.  More details available in a downloadable pdf at the end of this report).

Grandmother Pascal led a Butterfly Meditation. More details available in a downloadable pdf at the end of this report.

Lola Roma presented information on the Sweet Revolution. More details available in a downloadable pdf at the end of this report.

This was followed by a Closing Ceremony 



ATTACHED FILE pdf: 5 Speech and Meditations from the Council Meeting in Spain.

ATTACHED FILE: Tina Lindhard article – Modern-Day Globalization:

ATTACHED FILE pdf: Tina Lindhard article – Paleolithic Women’s Spirituality and its Relevance to us Today


Focus Meditation for Peace

Focus Meditation for Peace


Invitation to a focus/meditate on peace together (on distance):

25 januari – 24 Februari – 25 Mars – 24 April – 23 Maj – 22 Juni – 21 Juli – 19 Augusti – 18 September – 17 Oktober – 15 November – 15 December

TIME: 8pm GMT/9pm CET/10pm EET/ 11pm GMT+3

We invite people from many traditions and cultures in Europe and around the world to meditate peace together.

DATE   : 27th December  2023
TIME    :  8 pm GMT
PLACE :  From your home or in your nature and in your natural way.

This is a distance meditation in the presence of your own stillness, in focus, silence and/or in meditation together with the rest of the world (no personal or zoom guidance).



Dear friends, let us use this wonderful tool of meditation, together creating a field to support peace and trust to take place in the world in the year of 2023



MEDITATION  (If you want guidance you can follow this text))


    • Invite the light of peace and trust in yourself




    • Invite the light of peace in your village/country.´


    • Invite the light of peace and trust between Russia and Ukraine and other countries and groups all over the world.


    • And then invite the light for peace and the deep caring for all life on the planet.


We know – and science knows – that the electromagnetic waves that our heart and mind emit have an effect on the world.    We know – and science knows – that when millions of people direct this energy by meditating on a common goal, it has an effect.


The Council of European Grandmothers: