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2022 Council Meeting Sweden

2022 Council Meeting Sweden


Topic: LIFE – what wants and needs the care for life on earth now?!



  • You can book your participation/chair in the Council Meeting dialogue Saturday / Sunday down at the end of this page.
  • You are also welcome to participate in the other open events in the program during the days with: exhibitions, meditation, storytelling, opening konsert / ceremony closing, closing ceremony, café/fika / lunch or a walk in a flourishing garden park m m ….

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To participate in the


Ytterjärna Culture House

For the Council Meeting Dialog there are 77 seats. You can book your participation/chair in the formula down below.

Council Meeting Dialogue are in three parts (Saturday/Sunday) where we together women / men / hen – from different multicultural perspectives, views and ages – dialog and process about the subject LIFE and how to nurturing, suport and see this corethema LIFE from different angles and perspective. We turn and twist the thoughts and truths to find the “acupuncture point” that we see can make a difference. We ask ourselves questions to identify the answers such as: Do we know enough about the innermost essence of life, its power and needs since our life systems are currently disintegrating its conditions? In Sweden, the road to a new 100 years of women’s voice and decision-making has started this year. What do we want to create during this decade with our vote, both through and outside the right to vote and to make our voice heard and spoken? What do we want to do so that the care for life on earth becomes central, so that beyond blocks and boundaries it can permeate decisions and choices both for humans and for an entire life system / nature / society. 

In the questions there are the answers…


Part I

Dialog: What is LIFE – the obvious, fragile and powerful thread that carries all life on our earth, how it arises and what supports its conditions. We share our thoughts and our natural wisdom regarding this subject of caring for life – all life – that underlines it; peace, climate, relations, economy and all life on the planet.

Part II

Women have an important role to play in the change we need to bring about now in the world. We will meet in the feminine aspect of humans. The part of as that has a long experience and inherited tradition of prioritizing and choosing to nurture life and take care of its needs. You as a man / hen are also warmly welcome into the dialogue, you also know. We need to listen to each other and share what we see and know. We have just reached 100 years of women’s suffrage in Sweden. In 2022 the new 100 years will now begin – we are in year 101 now – and it is therefore important to stop and ask ourselves the questions to choose the right answer and path for the next 100 years. One of those are:

  • Are there common denominators FOR: climate, economy, peace, health, animals, forest, soil, food / cultivation, air, water, business, human (women, men, hens, children & young people) nature’s needs. What does that “denominator” look like in that case and how do we make it visible and name it.


Part III

Theme: Life – What do we want to do with our right and maternal obligation to influence development so that care for life on earth is and will be important?

  • What does the acupuncture point look like?
  • How do we give ourselves the mandate to influence the future?
  • What story do we need to promote?

We condense the weekend’s dialogue and harvest together. Identifies keys and the acupuncture point.

FINAL! Ceremony & Manifestation for LIFE; on the planet, for the peace, that serve the climat, the human relations, support diversity…. 

We plant in and then bring out the weekend’s condensed harvest. We create a human ‘circular spiral’ that brings together, spreads, deepens but also protects and manages the values ​​and actions to which we now give our full support and attention, in the backyard of the Culture House. Outdoors behind the Culture Centre. Clothes after weather No charge activity.

Meditation before the ‘planting’ (Manifestation / ceremony) of the weekend’s condensed harvest. Meditation – Cello and toning; Eva Fasth. Bring your own Yoga mat or blanket / chair to sit / lie on.

Travel and Accommodation 

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A Warm Welcome to Everyone!

Here you can BOOK and pay your participation/chair in the COUNCIL DIALOG on Saturday and Sunday.
There are 77 chairs in the Council Dialog some of them are available to book here including food and “a Swedish fika paus”.
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  • Stay also for supper on Saturday night 90 Euro button.
If you have questions, please mail us on: eddasverige@gmail.com