My name is Beate Heide, and I am a part of the Sami people of the north. To be a Sami has been met by the majority in Norway with suppression – as many of the small indigious people around the world. To stand up as a Sami has taken courage. And today I wear my native costume with pride, although I have lost my ancestors language.

I am born in the north of Norway; above the Artic Circle on a small island called Andøya. I love to be by the sea- and to go for hikes in the mountains. Growing up in a harsh nature and stormy weather, I really enjoy a good storm as much as a quite walk under the midnight sun.

I work as a section leader in Statped, the support system for children with disabilities in Norway. I work with people with visual impairment. We offer an pedagogical approach to the impairment.

I have 4 boys – born from 1980-1999; and I also have a fosterchild – born in 1998.
I am also a writer and I have written two Childrens books in Norwegian and Sami- about serious matters . In “Ida og Nordlyset” I write about a little girl dying of cancer. The other book “Det knuste hjertet” is about living in fostercare.

As a part of indigious people I praise and admire Mother Earth and her strength. I believe she will need all the help she can get to provide fresh air and water for everyone living on the planet earth today; as long with a fair charing of the food we produce amongst us.