Council of Europeen Grandmothers

2021 October 22-24 in Germany

Congress and art exhibition
Carlshöhe / Eckernförde Germany

Public exhibition and vernissage of 70 paintings and a book introducing 13 elder women from 13 different european countries, from the "European Grandmothers Council". At the exhibition, all 24 European Grandmothers of the Council are represented in Carlshöhe / Eckernförde during those days.

The art project and exhebition - "Walfahrt" - wants to create positive models and orientation for young and old people in Europe. The project seeks to strengthen European core values such as: tolerance, justice, peace, solidarity, equality, freedom and human dignity. Values that are deeply rooted in the elder women of the European Council. "Walfahrt" is an art project that gives impetus to high ethical values in society. Through the exhibition in october, we create a space that makes it possible for interested women and men from near and far to see this special exhibition and get in direct contact with elder representatives from the 13 different countries. This mission we hope can result in wonderful impulses for the creation of a new Europe.

CONTACT: Eike Eschholz -
Marlies Biermann, 1. Vorsitzende des Vereins Naku -



Host: Madeleine Søderstrøm
Topic: LIFE

Days open for public: June 18-19

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